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9.29 Synoptic Meteorology


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Synoptic Area Weather

Between the Lows over northern Australia and the High to the south of Australia, there was a broad flow from an easterly point. The wind direction near Perth was south-westerly. The temperature values, coupled with the wind report, suggest the presence of a sea breeze. The maximum temperature was 33.4°C. The maximum temperature was probably reached before the sea breeze brought cooler air from over the sea.

The cold front over south-eastern Australia is bringing a cool change with SW winds and good visibility. A tropical depression over the coast of Queensland can be seen providing SE easterly surface winds combined with a sea breeze. Otherwise, there was no cloud over Australia other than small (fair-weather) cumulus clouds formed in thermals generated by strong solar heating of the ground with good visibility.

The ITCZ was quite active today over Indonesia and New Guinea but very weak north and north-east of the Solomon Islands. Bring seasonal northwest monsoonal weather with thunderstorms and rain cross the top of Australia.

New Zealand is experiencing fine warm dry weather with light variable local winds and a subsidence invention, trapping in haze, dust, smoke and pollution creating poor visibility.