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Extract and decode information contained in ERSA and NOTAMS.

AIP GEN 3.1 (3.2) NOTAM

NOTAM provide information that is of direct operational significance and which may immediately affect aircraft operations.

A NOTAM is issued in a format containing fields (Q) and (A) to (G) as follows:

(Q) This field consists of eight sub fields separated by oblique strokes.

  1. FIR in which the location listed in field A) is located.
  2. NOTAM code. This is a coded version of the subject and status of the NOTAM preceded by the letter 'Q'.
  3. Traffic field. Signifies if a NOTAM affects IFR or VFR flights.
  4. Purpose field. Signifies if a NOTAM is for immediate attention and/or for briefings or concerning flight operations.
  5. Scope field. Signifies if the NOTAM is an aerodrome, enroute or warning NOTAM.
  6. Lower level of the activity in the NOTAM. If no level specified the default is 000.
  7. Upper level of the activity in the NOTAM. If no level specified, the default is 999.
  8. Coordinates. For location specific NOTAM, the latitude/longitude of the location listed in field A) of the NOTAM is listed. If not a specific location, the field is left blank.

    Example of Q field:
    Q) YBBB/QMRAU/IV/BO/A/000/999/2723S15307E

    Note: The list of codes used in the Q) field is available in ICAO Annex 15 and Doc-8126. Briefings obtain. from NAIPS are decoded.

(A) Location identification.

(B) Time of commencement of information contained in Field E.
Time of publication where prior notification is required. In this case, Field E commences with "WEF...(date/time).....". This date/time will then reflect the actual commencement time of the NOTAM information.

(C) Time of cessation of information. If timing is uncertain, the duration is indicated by using an estimated date-time group follow. by EST. PERM is used in lieu of the date-time group when the information is permanent.

(D) Times of periods of activity.

(E) Plain language text (for international NOTAM, ICAO codes are used).

(F) Lower limit.

(G) Upper limit.

In the domestic environment, NOTAM numbering is preceded by the letter "C" followed by the year; eg: C0689/08
For each location, a separate series of numbers is issued; thus the NOTAM is identified by both the location and the number, not by the number alone.

In the international environment, Australia issues NOTAM against a series of registers. These registers are by individual FIRs, multiple FIRs, or Australia General. The individual FIRs and multiple FIRs registers are further subdivided by NOTAM category.

The series are:
Brisbane FIR - ATS and PRD NOTAM category D
Brisbane FIR - AD category
Brisbane FIR - all other NOTAM category N
Melbourne FIR - ATS and PRD NOTAM category E
Melbourne FIR - AD category H
Melbourne FIR - all other NOTAM category F
Australia General FIR G

CAAP 89O-1(2) Publishing aerodrome information and reporting changes.