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About Aerotheory

Our student pilot online study course has been based on the Australian Pilot License Training Syllabus. Designed to incorprate the best of our proven successful ground school classroom courses. Integrated learning has never been easier using our online study program with practise exam questions to help identify your knowledge deficiencies.

Aerotheory provides aviation student pilot tuition and assessment recording services online for BAK, PPL, CPL, & ATPL. The CASA Aeronautical Knowledge of Standards Schedule 3 Part 61 Manual of Standards (MOS) specifies the objectives that must be met by applicants for a helicopter pilot licence. The level of aeronautical knowledge required to pass your pilot license exam has been disseminated through out our online course.

Aerotheory's purpose is to make a positive difference in the lives of student aviation pilots, to help them achieve their highest potential within the aviation industry.

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